The Importance of Quick Delivery in E-Commerce

A quick and efficient delivery system is crucial for running a successful e-commerce business. On-line retail stores are based on the idea that customers will order products from a website and then have these products delivered to their home within a few days.

This business model makes it necessary to create a reliable delivery system for the success of the e-commerce business. No matter how good your products are or what price you sell them for, you must be able to deliver those products to the customers quickly and reliably.

In this piece, we will review the importance of quick delivery for e-businesses and what steps they can take to improve delivery times.


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Benefits of Quick & Reliable Delivery

When customers shop on-line, they are not just buying the physical product. The time it takes to deliver the product and the manner in which it is delivered also forms a large part of their buying decision. Here are some key benefits of timely delivery.

1. Products delivered on time increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

2. Delivering products on time can have a very positive effect on new customers and they are more likely to become repeat clients. Late delivery or products delivered in a damaged condition will turn customers away from your business and reduce sales.

3. On-time delivery means every person and process on the delivery system is working efficiently and smoothly. Operational efficiency is something that every organization should strive towards.

4. Customers who receive delivery on time and a great service are likely to recommend products your products to friends, family and their on-line social circle, leading to better sales.

5. Some customers are only able to shop from e-commerce stores that supply products at certain times, like during the night. A reliable delivery service will enable them to purchase from such stores.

6. Quick and timely delivery of products will also reduce product returns and wastage.

How Businesses Can Implement Quick Delivery

When you are delivering products directly to customers through an on-line store, there are two main factors that come into play. The first is the location of your warehouse.

The second is delivery efficiency which is equally important for delivering the products on time.

The closer the warehouse is to your target market, the quicker you can expect to deliver products to your customers. The proximity to clients will also reduce delivery processing costs to your business and reduce costs.

The warehouse efficiency depends on the technology that they use. Many on-demand warehouses have shifted to real time order processing systems. These systems inform the delivery team about the order as quickly as it is forwarded them by your company. They have automated machines that locate and prepare the shipment which can be moved through their delivery agents to customer premises within hours.

To make quick delivery through on-demand warehouses, retail businesses should carry out a thorough analysis of their target customers’ location. Once a retailer is aware which geographic area customer orders are likely to come from, the management should hire the warehouse that lies closest to their customer.

If the retailer must cover a wider area, they can hire multiple warehouses to expand their operations without compromising on delivery times.

Work with an On-Demand Warehouse
An increasing number of on-line retailers are switching to on-demand warehouses because they take care of everything from storage to delivery. On-demand warehouses offer scalability, reduce costs and allow you to focus on the marketing side of the business. They are also closer to where your customers are and equipped with route planning and delivery expertise. When choosing a warehouse and delivery partner opt to go for a warehouse that lies closer, and ideally at the centre of your target customers. This will allow you to meet customer deliveries on time and also reduce the cost of delivery. Looking to use a smart warehousing partner for your business? Get in touch