A young man working in a warehouse
There are several reasons why outsourcing your warehouse needs to a third-party specialist is a good idea, and that’s especially true for SMEs. You might have already reached such a conclusion if you’ve been handling your own warehousing functions. You could be coping with some harsh situation, like not having the capital to invest in warehousing space and workers when considering this option. However, there’s
How Brexit is affecting your supply chain.
How Brexit is affecting your Supply Chain. Businesses in Britain, as well as the UK operations of several multinationals, are heavily dependent on imports from the European Union (EU) through close integration with EU-based suppliers. 54% of all goods imported into the UK come from the EU. At the same time, the EU is the UK’s largest market, comprising almost half of all British goods
Warehouse-as-a-Service and meeting Future of Logistics
The past two decades have seen an exponential surge in on-line sales. Because of this, there has been a growing scarcity of e-commerce fulfilment centre space. Businesses that want to gain a competitive edge by meeting customers’ increasing demands have shown interest in a new kind of offering, Warehouse-as-a-Service, or WaaS. So, what is WaaS, and how can it affect the future of logistics?  
Logistics for PPE Manufacturers
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has become one of the most sought after commodities in the market. A large number of businesses have sprung up that manufacture and sell PPE in various grades of quality. We consider the implications in this newly emerging market and the role logistics and storage companies will play in the coming months.   The Rising Demand for PPE The rate of
Warehouse worker and automated conveyor belt
Ever since advances in artificial intelligence and robotics reached a critical level in the early to mid-2010s, arguably no industry more so than logistics has been questioning what the paradigm shift means for the labour market. The question is surrounded by an aura of both trepidation and hope. And rightfully so: automation and robotics in the logistics industry have already had a significant impact on