On-Demand Logistics for Pharmaceutical Products

Traditional warehousing involved lengthy annual contracts that could be costly to enter and exit. On-demand warehousing, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, enables retailers to turn warehousing services on and off when they desire.

This helps bring efficiency to their operations and makes online retailers more profitable. We review the benefits that on-demand warehouses offer to retailers and why it may be a good idea to switch to them.

What Do On-demand Warehouses Offer to Pharmaceutical Businesses?

On-demand warehouses offer more than just storage as all the services related to the movement of inventory form the complete supply chain. Transporting goods into storage and delivering them to the final customer are included in this.

Warehousing storage providers must be able to scale up or down to meet demand from the retailer. In light of Brexit, the pharmaceutical sector expects a surge in demand for drugs and other pharmaceutical products. On-demand warehousing offers a cost-effective solution for pharmaceutical retail businesses.

Warehousing for Pharmaceutical Businesses

There are several legal and ethical requirements for safety, hygiene, transparency, and temperature control in the Healthcare sector. These specific requirements mandate customized storage solutions.

On-demand warehouses that are dedicated to pharmaceutical storage are built according to current and prospective environmental regulations and health and safety measurements. To ensure ideal storage conditions for your pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, these warehouses have automated, real-time control, and monitoring systems. These systems regulate the humidity and temperature within the warehouses to keep it on an even, compliant level.

Layout and Infrastructure

The layout of a Pharmaceutical warehouse is the key to how efficient its operations are. While designing Pharmaceutical warehouses or distribution centre layouts, warehouse operators face unique challenges due to the nature of their products.

Pharmaceuticals are quite sensitive due to risks of external contamination from bacteria or chemicals. They also have to be kept under strict temperature control. In some cases, exposure to strong lighting for an extended time can also damage pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical products must be stored in a first-in, first-out storage process because there is an expiry date. Some pharmaceutical products must be kept safe from contamination as well as theft at the warehouse. These unique requirements mean that Pharmaceutical warehouses must consider a lot when setting up a warehouse for pharmaceutical storage.

Choose a Competitive Pharmaceutical Storage Partner
Cost is another crucial factor. Retailers don’t want to pay a fortune for storage services. The contract flexibility and operational capability to scale storage up and down based on client requirements must be offered by an on-demand warehouse to qualify as a good partner. You can minimize your costs of pharmaceutical product storage by comparing dozens of on-demand warehouses for pharmaceutical products through LogistCompare. The on-demand warehouse comparison platform offers storage and delivery services through a large number of versatile pharmaceutical warehouses all across the UK. The on-demand warehouses registered with our network have a strong reputation for delivering reliable, customer centric service. Browse through the extensive database of local pharmaceutical storage and delivery services at LogistCompare to find the best warehousing partner for your needs. Looking to use a smart warehousing partner for your pharmaceutical business? Get in touch and let us take away your pain.