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Outsourcing Logistics Procurement

Our dedicated logistics team will be able to source the best transport solutions for all methods of transport. We will bring our logistics expertise and provide your company with recommendations of the best solutions to serve your business. We provide clients with a flexible set of logistics procurement outsourcing options, custom configured to meet your specific needs.

Operational Support & Project Management

We bring our expertise to develop strategies across various supply chain activities to optimise your processes and to help you find the right logistics solutions for your company. You will benefit from unparalleled expertise,  professional support, cost savings and tailored solutions from the initial strategy thought execution. We are an extension of your team

Specialist Consultancy

We work as a true partner. We work closely with you to identify areas of the supply chain that can be improved. We add value, improve efficiency and increase your margins. We combine a systematic and evidence-based methodology to produce recommendations that are robust
            and actionable.                                                           

Our Services

Incoterms Training

Tender Management

Cost Benchmarking

Supply Chain Analysis

Contract Negotiation

Cost Savings Strategies

Interim Management

Cost Drivers Analysis

Warehouse Property Search (UK and EU)

Transport and Warehousing Analysis 

How we have helped customers


 > Assessed provider operations and advised on cost savings strategies 

 > Sourced warehouses in Europe for UK customers to alleviate costs and delays caused by Brexit 

> Implemented tenders to reduce costs and  to maximise efficiency

> Sourced both Bonded and not-Bonded warehouses property space to reduce Duty and VAT costs and often prevent the “double duty” scenario.

> Devised strategies to improve warehousing costs  

> Sourced competitive freight rates for all transport methods (Air, Sea and Road) 

> Devised Cost Drivers analysis to identify processes and costs that need improvement


LogistCompare Warehouse Logistics and Fulfilment Warehouse Logistics



Here some of the logistical challenges we come across frequently with customers operating in various sectors:

>  How can we reduce our inbound freight spending?

>  What is the best warehouse location for our customer’s distribution pattern?

> What are the key cost drivers that are currently impacting our margins?

>  How can we improve our customer delivery performance?

 What are the best practises to improve the efficiency of our inbound deliveries?

>  How can we improve our warehousing operations and costs?

>  How can we optimise the KPIs from our 3PLs? 

>  Which would be the best delivery solution: have our own fleet or use 3PLs? Parcel, pallet or full cargo operators? 

Case Study
Tractorless Vineyards Logo

“As a small wine producer from Australia we were looking for some very specific logistical solutions in the UK, We were very pleased to get a better than expected solution through Serafina’s logistical networks. We would definitely recommend contacting her for any logistical solutions she exceeded our expectations.”

Jeff Anson -CEO, Tractorless Vineyard

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