Customers looking for warehouse storage

Please read below for any questions related to reaching out to warehouse providers.

How can LogistCompare benefit my business?

Our website give you the ability to obtain warehouse options and rates at the touch of a button. The options will be supported by user reviews to help you select the best solution.

When would I use LogistCompare?

LogistCompare will help you to select storage close to your customers, growing businesses with not enough capacity in their own warehouses and assist with any other contracted overflow space requirements.

Can I save my quotations for later?

Yes, the system will allow to save your quote to be reviewed and confirmed later.

How reliable are the services provided by these warehouses?

The warehouse options received in LogistCompare will be supported by company reviews. Although this does not guarantee the service received, it will give you an indication of the warehouse service level.

Do I pay LogistCompare or the warehouse provider?

You will pay the warehouse provider. It will set the terms of the service contract.

How can I easily communicate with providers for any query I may have?

LogistCompare offers a”Messages” buttons to easily talk to providers. This feature will show “online“and “offline” button to indicate the availability of the provider.

What happens when I submit a service request?

The request form including your service requirements will be sent to various providers. Within a few seconds you will receive a selection of rates. The options will have details of the selected warehouses including customer reviews and any other services they may provide. It will have also a total cost, and options to have a live chat, message, mail, book and save the search. Once you decide to book, you will receive the full quotation listing all your requirements and a total cost with full breakdown. You can decide to confirm and pay if satisfied with the option.

Do I pay for using the portal?

This will be initially launched as a free service.

Please read below for any questions related to managing your customers.

Please read below for any questions related to setting up your warehouse or managing your customers.

How can LogistCompare benefit my business?

LogistCompare will help you to promote your services and increase your visibility in the market. It will also give you the opportunity to rent out space online.

How are the warehouse rates options in LogistCompare backed up by service quality?

Cheap rates is not always the answer to customer requirement needs. For this reason LogistCompare provides users reviews to help customers with their choices.

How accurate do my quotations need to be to the customers?

Your rates need to meet customer service request form and need to state time of validity. Rates can be changed anytime provided the transaction has not been completed

Is there a restriction on payment terms?

This is a contract between you and the Warehouse provider who will set up the payment terms.

Do I pay for using the portal?

No, our warehouse space finding service is free for customers. Warehouse providers pay LogistCompare a transaction fee upon completed transactions