Case Studies

As a leader in the fashion industry, Burberry has always been identified as the icon of the British heritage with a signature trench coat collection that dates back to 1800s.

The company specialises in ready-made apparel, accessories, fragrances, cosmetics and sunglasses. Its merchandise is known for its signature check patterns. The brand has dressed notable celebrities from diverse fields.

The Challenge

As a large global organisation, Burberry has many other supply chain operations across EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific related to general business operations, including but not limited to retail stores, their website, offices, marketing and transport. Burberry was operating a variety of contracts with different logistics providers which was slowly affecting not just the transportation spending but also impacting the efficiency of the entire supply chain. The task involved the international freight from worldwide vendors to their global distribution hubs including all the inbound logistics and documentation. In addition, Burberry also ran complex logistics models between their global hubs which required a better optimised logistics model.

Our Solution

To enable to bring a radical transformation to their global operations it was necessary to establish a centralized logistics infrastructure and a more efficient and better optimised distribution network. It was a task that brought together all global operational teams; the focus was to map out all the countries logistical requirements and to dive into months of in-depth data analysis. We launched a global tender to various logistics partners and after months of negotiations and contracts refinements we finally brought the anticipated savings and the efficient services we originally aimed for.

Andreu Marco - Senior VP Operations

“Serafina has transformed the Primary Transportation Operations. Through skillful negotiation she has achieved substantial savings across the board and implemented new processes which have greatly impacted the efficiency across the supply chain. Another reason for her success has been the ability to run a highly motivated and effective team.

NET-A-PORTER Group is an Italian online fashion retailer which has now become an e-commerce company that serves more than 180 countries worldwide.

They have 7 “logistics centres” in Italy, UK, USA, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and  International warehouses, that serve as hubs, in New Jersey and Tokyo.

The Challenge

Net-A-Porter were running over capacity at their main distribution hub and were looking to store some of their surplus stock off site. As the stock needed to be live on their website available for purchase, the additional warehouse location needed ideally to be within a 1hour drive of their main hub. They needed also to operate frequent runs between the two sites. The last quarter of the year is already notoriously difficult to find warehouse space because of the increase in demand due to Black Friday and, the Christmas season.

Our Solution

LogistCompare provide warehouse solutions to customers either directly through the portal and/ or by dedicated professional support. We assisted in finding  warehouse providers and optimal deals to satisfy this Net-A-Porters requirements for being able to deliver to their hub with the required time and meet last mile delivery expectations.

Net-A-Porter - Senior VP Warehousing

LogistCompare managed to identify warehouse opportunities when we could not find solutions. A very professional team with high level of expertise, always hands-on and extremely fast and efficient. They have proactively provided us with the right tools to solve our last mile logistics issues. We were very impressed with their service.

The daylight Company is the leading innovator in specialty lighting in the art, needlework, health and beauty and industrial sectors in Europe, the USA and Australia.

The Challenge

They needed warehouse space in their UK location for their inbound flow of FCL and LCL containers. There was a complex fulfilment operation requirement and customer orders of different sizes. Some of their customers had special requirements, such as special labelling, timed delivery, tail-lift vehicle etc. They also had occasional requirements for “reworks” and Quality Control. In addition, the provider was supposed to handle “returns” which needed to be checked and either to be re-boxed to put back for sale or destroyed if damaged.

Our Solution

The LogistCompare portal gave them the immediate opportunity to find a selection of warehouses matching their requirements. Our expertise and professional support did the rest. We helped them to identify some potential partners that could meet their needs at competitive rates. Whenever required, the portal was the perfect tool to liaise with providers and address inquiries.

Daylight Company – Warehouse Operations

We wanted to express our gratitude to LogistCompare team. They are quick to respond and fast to provide great solutions. We needed to move out from our current warehouse and LogistCompare has given us the tools to find solutions to fit our needs. It’s really refreshing to be able to get such an outstanding service.

The Sofidel Group, founded in 1966, is one of the world leaders in tissue paper production for hygienic and domestic use: toilet paper, kitchen paper, paper handkerchiefs and napkins.
Sofidel manages and coordinates the activity of companies for the production and conversion of paper, located throughout Europe and the United States. These are paper mills where jumbo rolls of tissue paper are produced, paper factories that manufacture finished products and offices that manage sales, logistics and services.

The Challenge

The company already had a distribution facility in UK. They needed an additional hub to support the flow of their operations.

They required a monthly flow of around 30,000 pallets inbound and 30,000 pallets outbound while keeping an average stock of 20,000 pallets. In addition, they needed remote management of stock (There wasn’t SAP access for the warehouse’s personnel), whilst the scanners / wi-fi terminals / IT equipment were provided by the company.

Our Solution

The clear solution was to find the right provider with enough space and services to support their logistical operation. LogistCompare allowed the customer to search for best solutions and then to connect with providers that were able to match their requirements. It helped them to find the right warehouse space when other solutions proved to be inefficient. In addition, our dedicated support had a pivotal role in providing the customer with the right warehouse partner to cater for their highly sophisticated logistics requirements.

Sofidel – Senior Logistics Manager

LogistCompare is a great asset to companies looking for complex logistics solutions that require professional expertise in logistics. It’s a service that has exceeded our expectations. LogistCompare team experience and industry knowledge helped us to find warehouse space when every other option failed. I would recommend them at any time.

Targus Corporation is a leading manufacturer of accessories mostly related to mobile, computing, photography and locks.
Over the years they have opened offices in the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Africa, Taipei, Germany, France, Holland and Hong Kong.


The Challenge

Targus was strongly focused on streamlining their inbound and warehousing operations. There was a requirement for better centralised operations and consolidations to minimise costs. They needed a warehouse partner who was able to handle customised requirements at short notice and to provide complex logistics operations. The distribution network was not properly optimised and unnecessary costs were incurred to support the operation.

Our Solution

We put in place a centralised structure for the inbound shipments. This process improved the overall logistics efficiency and reduced costs. This was supported by auditing processes and operational planning to improve the flow of activities and hence productivity. Warehouse processes and services needed to be better optimised to fit around the customer’s requirements.

Targus – Operations Director

Serafina has been extremely helpful in providing her assistance with all the logistics issues we experience in our business encompassing warehousing, fulfillment, international and road freight transportation. She was very responsive and professional with all the logistical matters. Her expertise has been a great asset to us. Thank you for your great service.

The Tractorless Vineyard is  a small wine producer from Australia looking to expand their “wine club” initiative in UK.
Their Bio-dynamic viticulture and wine-making techniques and methods to sustain grape quality in order to produce some of the highest rated wines in the world.

The Challenge

The plan to start a wine club in UK presented several logistical challenges. First of all, as expected, they had a few licensing issues to get over, but once these were resolved their biggest concern was managing the logistics.

They needed a very small storage space and the ability to send orders which can be picked off the pallets and then shipped out direct to customers.

In addition, they were ideally looking for someone to collect full pallets from the port, store them, pick cases off the pallets and post them around the UK directly to the retail customers. The agent needed also to handle all the import paperwork until they would put in place IT platforms to manage it directly from Australia.

Our Solution

This proved to be more difficult than anticipated, with just very few licensed providers that were able to provide storage and fulfillment operations for such small volumes.  LogistCompare provide solutions to all sizes of the market, from small to large organizations. After an intense search, we managed to identify the right provider which was not only able to provide the required services, but also to offer competitive and affordable rates.

 Jeff Anson, CEO

As a small wine producer from Australia we were looking for some very specific logistical solutions in the UK. We were very pleased to get a better than expected solution through Serafina’s logistical networks. We would definitely recommend contacting her for any logistical solutions she exceeded our expectations.

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