3 Ways to Optimise Your Delivery System

With  18.2% of all purchases in the UK being made online, we can see that e-Commerce has grown exponentially in recent years., This research indicates that retailers have a higher chance of reaching consumers by making their products available online. On top of that, there is this expectation that the number of online shoppers can more than double over the next 10 years.

This brings about the need for improvement in the efficiency and reliability of the delivery of products. Essentially, demand has created the need to Optimise delivery systems already in place to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you are one of the retailers looking to enhance your delivery process, here are three simple ways you can achieve that:

Warehouse with packages
Use Software to Make Processes More Efficient
Every business need programs in place to make communication within the business efficient, thus saving time and increasing productivity. There are many internal communication programs (such as SnapComms or Samepage) that can be used to this effect. A simple trial of these programs can help determine which one works best for you and your business. Similarly, a program needs to be put in place to keep track of inventory. You should be able to track when an order has been placed, and where it has been picked up from. A tracking system can help ensure your products are always stocked so that there are no delays in delivery due to lack of inventory. Such systems can also help track where, geographically, most of your orders are being placed, so you can alter your stock levels in different locations accordingly.  Primaseller is a great system to help you track your online orders and sync them to any offline sales as well. This system allows integrated tracking for retailers selling online and offline as well.WMS-Lite is also a great tracking system, especially for warehouses, to track everything from how much merchandise you have to product movement.    
Get an Efficient Tracking System in Place

Tracking packages for customers is as important as it is for retailers. Once a customer has paid for a product, they expect quick delivery with little to no hiccups. For this to happen, a reliable tracking system needs to be put into effect.

A customer should be able to track the package from the moment it has been paid for, to when it is picked up from the warehouse, all the way to the final delivery on their doorstep.

For a business owner, the tracking system provides a great way to check on status of deliveries and reasons for delays, if any. The system allows you to see what part of your delivery system could do better. You can then make an informed decision on how to address the identified pain points.

Both ends of such a tracking system will strengthen trust of the customer and help build a stronger, more successful business. 

Get an Efficient Tracking System in Place
With your inventory tracking system in place, you have more insights into which delivery areas are most popular. You can design and modify your inventory volumes, storage capacities and strategies for your warehouses accordingly. All of this to guarantee faster deliveries to your customers, while saving you the cost of delivering products over large distances. This might seem like a daunting and time-consuming task, but with an increase in online retail, you can now also rent warehouse space online.  A simple way to do this is by visiting Logistcompare. Renting a space in an existing warehouse close to the delivery destination can save your business tons of money. So why not make use of it?