Why us

Why Us?


When looking for the right warehouse provider we are still using manual benchmarking processes which are slow and inadequate. Unnecessary time is spent in waiting to receive quotations from various providers and data integration can seriously impact the outcome.  

“The average time the forwarding industry took to provide a quote was 90 hours”.

Also the agile supply chain is calling for fast, efficient and transparent logistics processes to address and satisfy customers requirements. This is still not in line with our “internal logistics processes”. Currently available internal logistics processes have not met these needs 



LogistCompare is a marketplace solution for customers looking for warehouse storage, and providers who want to promote their space.

This system enables companies seeking warehouse space (particularly retailers) to receive, at the touch of a button, a selection of warehouses fitting their needs, including rates and reviews from other users.  Warehouse providers will also have the opportunity to rent space and manage their listings online.

Whether you are an e-commerce company who has expanded beyond your current facilities and are now seeking to outsource to a professional experienced 3PL, an organisation who requires some additional pallet/bulk storage or distribution services, or if you have smaller inventories and require flexible hubs for storage, LogistCompare is here to help.  

If you are a provider, with LogistCompare, there is no need for long term commitments. You can have your space back whenever required.